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Considerations For Offshore Medical Device Manufacturing

Although there are many advantages to manufacturing offshore, there are several factors to be considered before making the decision to manufacture offshore.

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Medical Device Drop Shipping: An Answer to Your Distribution Woes

Drop Shipping is a supply chain technique wherein the Medical Device Contract Manufacturer is in-charge of Distribution of products to the end user.

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Clinical Builds For Consumable Medical Devices: The Beginning or the End of the project?

Clinical / Project Builds: What factors decide whether to internally manufacture or outsource the builds to a Medical Device Contract Manufacturer.

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The Contribution of a Medical Device Contract Manufacturing partner

Startup and small medical device companies have utilized the contract manufacturing model for a number of years. These outsourcing organizations have proven to be...

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Essential Package Testing Guidelines for Medical Device Manufacturers

Packaging for Medical devices, related products and materials is highly regulated and must meet very specific requirements. The most critical factor for medical device packaging is product sterility, which must be maintained throughout distribution and storage, allowing for safe and effective use of the device.

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Medical Device Cleaning Technicians: Guilty Until Proven Intelligent

Reprocessing of reuseable medical devices continues to make news. Both the Today Show and MSNBC recently aired segments based on an investigation documented in Filthy surgical instruments...

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New FDA Reprocessing / Decontamination Guidelines: Comply or Die!

Times they are a-changin’.  Anyone who remembers the lyrics to this Bob Dylan song and is involved in the healthcare market may well recognize the connection made here.   The listener is, to paraphrase, reminded to [...]

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Medical Device and Manufacturing – MD&M West 2012

MD&M West 2012, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, was LSO’s 14th time at the annual convention.  The diversity of exhibitors and the quality of meetings makes this one of the best tradeshows in the industry.  [...]

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