Medical Package Testing

Medical Package Testing Services

MPT can cater to customer's packaging needs from designing of custom packaging to testing package durability and effectiveness and preparing regulatory prescribed documentation for validation.

Our service offerings include:

  • Protocol Development for complete validations or specific testing requirements
  • Stability Testing / Accelerated Aging
  • Transportation / Distribution Simulation
  • Package Integrity Testing
    • Bubble Emission Leak Test per ASTM F2096
    • Peel Test per ASTM F88
    • Burst Test per ASTM F1140
    • Dye Penetration Test per ASTM F1929
    • Visual Inspection per ASTM F1886
  • Package Validation and Quality Assurance
  • Packaging Design and Qualification
    • Sterile Packaging
    • Modified Atmosphere and Atmospheric Barrier Packaging
    • Thermoformed Trays & Lids
    • Die-Cut Plastic Backer Cards
    • Folding Cartons & Corrugated Shipping Containers
    • Complete Package Systems
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