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Almost there… EtO Sterilization for Medical Devices

We are happy to announce that LSO is in the final phases of installation of two 8 cubic foot EtO sterilizers. We expect them to be certified and ready for production by the end of [...]

Biohazardous Returns Processing

Most medical device companies have product returns which are biohazardous. Some of these returns are biohazardous because hospitals didn’t follow their internal procedures, some are products that would have been disposed off by the hospital, but due to an issue in surgery they must be returned to the manufacturer, and some products are intended for reuse but must go through

Steam Cycle Validation for reusable Medical devices Part 3

So let’s say that we validate to those parameters and it turns out that a specific hospital runs to one of the others, how hard is it for hospitals to change parameters?

By |2013-02-15T19:02:18-08:00February 15th, 2013|Loaner Kit Processing, LSO Blog, Sterilization Validation Services|

Steam Cycle Validation for Reusable Medical Devices Part 2

A major issue when tasked with Cleaning and Steam Cycle validation parameters for reusable kit systems, is of course validating rugged processes at a reasonable cost. There are really two key drivers to sending validation costs into the stratosphere. The first is...

By |2013-02-04T16:25:44-08:00February 4th, 2013|LSO Blog, Sterilization Validation Services|

Steam Cycle Validation for Reusable Medical Devices Part 1

In the last 6 months the FDA has begun to focus more closely on ensuring that reusable instrument and implant kit systems have been properly validated and that the parameters listed in the kit systems’ Instructions for Use (IFUs) have a substantive validation to support them.

By |2013-01-24T19:29:02-08:00January 24th, 2013|LSO Blog, Sterilization Validation Services|

Medical Device Cleaning Technicians: Guilty Until Proven Intelligent

Reprocessing of reuseable medical devices continues to make news. Both the Today Show and MSNBC recently aired segments based on an investigation documented in Filthy surgical instruments...

By |2012-03-27T17:00:36-07:00March 27th, 2012|LSO Blog, Sterilization Validation Services|

New FDA Reprocessing / Decontamination Guidelines: Comply or Die!

Times they are a-changin’.  Anyone who remembers the lyrics to this Bob Dylan song and is involved in the healthcare market may well recognize the connection made here.   The listener is, to paraphrase, reminded to [...]

By |2012-03-20T21:26:14-07:00March 20th, 2012|LSO Blog, Sterilization Validation Services|
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