Medical Tracking Solutions Inc. Partners with Life Science Outsourcing Inc. to Launch First of its kind West Coast Loaner Kit Operation

 JACKSONVILLE, FL, October 14, 2019 – Medical Tracking Solutions Inc. (MTS) is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Life Science Outsourcing Inc. (LSO).  MTS, based out of Jacksonville, Florida, developed iTraycer – a comprehensive inventory management system that provides real-time tracking of medical devices and biologics – visible by part, lot, and serial numbers – from manufacturer to patient.  LSO, based out of Brea, California, is a contract manufacturer and third party distributor of medical devices.  Utilizing the iTraycer software & LSO facilities, together we are launching the first of its kind West Coast loaner kit operation for small to mid-sized medical device companies.

LSO’s CEO Barry Kazemi noted “Through our collaboration we have created a solution to the issue small to midsized device companies have struggled with for decades. Utilizing our loaner operation in northern Orange County provides a huge benefit, as it will not only help with shipping costs and cut off times, but also provide a competitive advantage for our clients, as they will now be able to better support and expand their West Coast sales teams.”  Instead of shipping inventory back and forth across the country, manufacturers will now be able to utilize LSO’s 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse.  This will put inventory in closer proximity to sales reps, allowing for reduced shipping costs and an extending cut-off times late into the evening in California.

Perhaps the greatest benefit though, is the long-term potential of pulling inventory from sales reps and using loaner kits across the entire West Coast region, something that wasn’t possible prior to the introduction of iTraycer.  Without an inventory management system in place, manufacturers didn’t have clear insight into where a device was at any given time.  iTraycer solves for this by enabling advanced medical device inventory tracking, ordering, and replenishment.  The result is inventory that can be pulled without losing track of its location.  While both MTS & LSO are excited about the possibilities, the real winners are the manufacturers themselves.

MTS’s CEO Jonathan Tillman said, “I have known Barry for almost a decade now. We have been working toward providing this service throughout that period. The timing is now right to combine our products and make supporting West Coast sales and surgeries easier. I can’t tell you how excited I am about finally launching this solution.”

About Life Science Outsourcing

Life Science Outsourcing Inc. was founded in 1997 with the sole purpose of providing contract manufacturing services to entrepreneurial start up medical device companies. They have since built multiple capabilities, added new services and expanded operations. Internal divisions for each category of services exist to include medical device manufacturing, medical package testing, sterilization validation services, fulfillment & distribution services, cleaning & decontamination services, & incubator services.  For more information, please contact LSO at 714.672.1090, or visit the website at

 About Medical Tracking Solutions

Medical Tracking Solutions Inc., a team of medical device industry experts, developed iTraycer to meet the day-to-day challenges of medical device companies.  The system’s multifunctional software facilitates communication and collaboration across the enterprise and enables companies to make critical, fact-based decisions with real-time information.  For more information, please contact MTS at 904.607.9419, email, or visit the website at