The following is an excerpt from the article published by the Orange County Business Journal on October 30, 2000 and written by Vita Reed.  You can view and download a copy of the original article via this link: View full, original article (PDF).

This is a highly regulated industry. The technology is more complex. The cost is everincreasing,” said Barry Kazemi, chief executive of Medical Device Manufacturing and Ventures Inc.(LSO), a 30-employee contract producer in Brea.

Outsourcing device production is based on the premise that individuals and companies that invent medical devices may not have the time, financial resources or expertise to make them. For bigger companies, outsourcing of existing products frees up resources for new product development and production.

Outside influences are also leading small device makers toward outsourcing, according to Kazemi: ”The venture capital companies are pushing the medical device makers to go out and find a contract manufacturer.”

But defining a medical device outsourcing company can be tricky. Companies such as Horizon and Medical Device Manufacturing (LSO) do everything from designing prototypes up to full-scale production, while scores of others have carved niches somewhere in between.

Barry Kazemi and Business Partner“We specialize only in manufacturing-not R&D, sales or distribution,” said Kazemi of Medical Device Manufacturing & Ventures (LSO). “We can deliver on time and within a budget.”

Kazemi’s 3-year-old company makes catheters, implantable devices and electromedical and fiber-optic instruments. The company also sterilizes and packages products and does assembly work such as ultrasonic cleaning and welding.

Medical Device Manufacturing & Ventures (LSO) has around 75 clients, Kazemi said. “We really like the startups,” he said. “They appreciate the work that we do.”