LSO participated in the MD&M West 2011 Exposition as we have done for over a decade now. The show began on February 8th and ended on the 10th.  My coworker and I went on 8th morning to see LSO’s booth and our marketing team in action. We were located right smack in the center of the convention center. Our booth was in the middle of the passageway connecting the two wings of the convention center. There was a steady stream of visitors to the booth, including prospective clients, past and current customers and suppliers. It was a pleasant experience as we caught up with visitors, updated each other on recent events and compared notes on how the show was progressing.

Manager at Booth

After spending the morning at the booth, we took the opportunity to visit stalls of suppliers and competitors. This being my second time to the show, I recognized many of the booths from the previous year. They all seemed to have different strategies for tackling visitors. While a majority had the traditional eye-catching poster and product display cabinet, some were more innovative. We walked past life sized human models, robots, large LCD displays and even a vintage car. Some booths were being manned by a single person, while there were others were the staff outnumbered the visitors. There were aisles with precision tec and manufacturing companies, elsewhere there were sterilization firms and further down were the packaging and validation businesses. Interspersed in the gathering were firms that offered multiple services.

The show ended on the 10th and all in all, it has been a success for us. Now it’s time to regroup and organize the data that we collected over the past three days.  Looking forward to the next year already.