We are happy to announce that LSO is in the final phases of installation of two 8 cubic foot EtO sterilizers. We expect them to be certified and ready for production by the end of August, if not sooner. We are really excited about the opportunities these small batch sterilizers provide to our customers, and wanted to let everyone start thinking about how they may benefit from using them.

The immediate needs we expect the sterilizers to meet are clinical trial runs, small batch sterilization (both for low volume products and to support lean manufacturing), and finally for Customs. I think there are other areas and projects where they may also be useful, and we look forward to hearing from everyone to better understand those possibilities.

I’ll write a more detailed blog on the sterilizers and their capabilities once we have them fully certified and ready to roll, but until then I hope you share in our excitement of having access to this new and unique capability.