What does FDS stand for?

FDS stands for Fulfillment & Distribution Services, which is one of the divisions of Life Science Outsourcing, Inc. (LSO).

How big is your facility / warehouse?

Facility features

  • 43,000 sq ft Warehouse, Shipping facility and Incubator Offices
  • Secure GMP Warehouse
  • Climate controlled storage available
  • Three dock level shipping doors
  • Two additional bay doors
  • Ground level access for trailers up to 53 ft

I don't have any place to store my products; can you inventory and ship them to me when needed?

At FDS we have ample dedicated warehouse space for your finished goods. Products can be shipped to you as and when needed, based on your convenience.

Can FDS distribute products to our clients?

FDS offers clients the option to “Drop Ship” their products, i.e. ship products directly from our facility to their clients or end user.

What quality and warehousing system does FDS follow?

We are an ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered facility and we follow GMP practices. Specific quality practices that we follow for warehousing and shipping are:

  • 24 hour dock to stock
  • FIFO System
  • Lot Control for Traceability
  • Monthly monitoring of expiration dates
  • Live inventory reporting

Does FDS require bar coding?

While bar coding isn’t required by us, we will scan packages/products if the customer requires it. It especially saves time when receiving goods.

Can you follow vendor manual requirements?

Yes–just give us the manuals and we will follow the rules. If you need special labels, we can add them to your packaging, too. In many cases, we can produce special labels ourselves, but there is an additional charge.

What services does FDS provide?

Some of the services we provide are:

What are FDS's Distribution/Shipping commitments?

  • Same Day Shipping
  • 100% of same day shipments received before 12:00 PST are processed and shipped
  • 90% of standard shipments received before 12:00 PST will ship the same business day
  • 100% of all orders are processed within 24 hours
  • International shipments require 48hours

Does FDS distribute to International locations?

Yes, FDS offers customers International Fulfillment and Shipping. International shipments require 48 hours for fulfillment.

What support services can FDS provide?

Through our six divisions, LSO strives to provide customers with a complete solution to their product development requirements. Service divisions include:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing (MDM)
  • Medical Package Testing (MPT)
  • Sterilization Validation Services (SVS)
  • Fulfillment & Distribution Services (FDS)
  • Offshore Manufacturing
  • LSO Incubator Services (LSOIS)

How can I stay updated on LSO services, events and news?

In addition to the company Website, LSO and industry news is regularly updated on to our Facebook page and Twitter account. You can also follow us on the Company Blog where we delve deeper into industry events and trends. Finally you can find us on YouTube through our corporate channel. In the near future we also hope to bring to you an industry newsletter.

What markets does LSO primarily serve?

LSO has been in business for fourteen years and has served approximately 250 companies. There are several clinical spaces and market segments that we have served. Please see the list below for a broad list:

  • Orthopedic
  • Cardiac Rhythm Systems
  • Cardiovascular
  • Neurovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Dental Implants
  • Minimally Invasive Devices
  • Specialty Kits
  • Oncology