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We can store inventory and ship products upon request. It depends on the size and number of shipments per day. Contact our service representatives for more information.

We do not currently offer a digital tool to view inventory. We are considering future options to meet this request.

Life Science Outsourcing does not currently receive special shipping rates from shipping providers.

Life Science Outsourcing can provide an inventory/lot number report upon request. We can also provide daily tracking to shipments that were sent out.

Our goal is to provide the best service available. We do not typically assign a dedicated contact. This allows us the flexibility to handle service requests quickly. We will do our best to accommodate your request if you need a dedicated contact.

Facility features

  • 43,000 sq ft Warehouse, Shipping facility, and Incubator Offices
  • Secure GMP Warehouse
  • Climate controlled storage available
  • Three dock level shipping doors
  • Two additional bay doors
  • Ground-level access for trailers up to 53 ft

At FDS we have ample dedicated warehouse space for your finished goods. Products can be shipped to you as and when needed, based on your convenience.

At FDS we distribute finished goods to you as the customer or your end-users. We are certified to offer both domestic and international shipping. Our location in Brea, California puts us in very close proximity to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long beach, major domestic airports and the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Hence our location is advantageous for international shipping and is convenient to meet the shipping needs of the majority of our clientele.

More info here:  Distribution.

We are an ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered facility and we follow GMP practices. Specific quality practices that we follow for warehousing and shipping are:

  • 24-hour dock to stock
  • FIFO System
  • Lot Control for Traceability
  • Monthly monitoring of expiration dates
  • Live inventory reporting

While bar coding isn’t required by us, we will scan packages/products if the customer requires it. It especially saves time when receiving goods.

Yes–just give us the manuals and we will follow the rules. If you need special labels, we can add them to your packaging, too. In many cases, we can produce special labels ourselves, but there is an additional charge.

  • Same Day Shipping
  • 100% of same day shipments received before 12:00 PST are processed and shipped
  • 90% of standard shipments received before 12:00 PST will ship the same business day
  • 100% of all orders are processed within 24 hours
  • International shipments require 48hours

Yes, FDS offers customers International Fulfillment and Shipping. International shipments require 48 hours for fulfillment.

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