The Orthopedic industry faces a number of unique challenges. One of the biggest is dealing with the inefficient nature of placing consigned inventory in Hospitals and Sale Representative trunk stock throughout the United States and the world. Orthopedic companies are quickly realizing that outsourcing their inventory and returns processing, as well as loaner kit processing, allows them to significantly reduce operational costs, tap into more updated infrastructure, and access a greater physical network, while better servicing their sales representatives and customers.

LSO has developed a complete suite of services, including warehousing and distribution, orthopedic kitting, loaner kit processing, decontamination and returns processing, and repackaging, that are focused on reducing our customers inventory needs, increasing the speed and accuracy of delivery, repurposing underutilized inventory, and cutting wasted overhead costs.

LSO’s provides the following services which are explained in greater detail on the corresponding pages: