For an Orthopedic Device Manufacturer, Loaner Kit Processing is an unavoidable and burdensome activity that often diverts critical resources away from core processes. By outsourcing the process to LSO, manufacturers are guaranteed consistent quality, time savings, and reduced costs on labor, inventory and distribution.
At LSO, we offer full inspection, cleaning, kitting, warehousing and distribution services. Kits are cleaned, individual components within the kit are inspected for damage and wear, and the kit’s contents are compared to the most current revision of bills of material provided by the client. Approved kits are then toted, warehoused, and distributed upon clients’ requests.
Our location in Brea CA provides us access to the UPS west coast overlay, allowing us to process next day shipments anywhere in the US for orders arriving before 7PM PST. Our proximity to both the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas also allows fast and cost effective same day shipments to hospital within those areas.

By utilizing our Loaner Kit Processing program our customers:

  • Maximize the number of surgeries each kit covers
  • Significantly increase kit turn rates
  • Drive down inventory needs
  • Maximize return on investment (ROI)
  • Attain faster turnaround times
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Reduce shipping costs

Our Loaner Kit Processing program also provides:

  • Inventory control and maintenance
  • Controlled storage conditions
  • Field Inventory management
  • Local same day shipping
  • Proprietary quality system
  • Trained processing personnel
  • Late cutoff time for order placement
  • Reduced shipping costs for West Coast orders