The orthopedic industry is constantly facing the issues of how to deal with products that have been removed from their packaging but have not been sold, product packaging damage, or device rebranding or revalidation that obsoletes the current packaging or labeling. The labor costs and disruption to normal production often lead orthopedic device manufactures to stockpile or even scrap product with these issues, while they continue to produce new product at full standard costs. LSO has worked with our clients to solve these issues through our repackaging program.
Whether your repackaging needs are driven by product returns, a device overlabel , or any other number of reasons, LSO can repackage your product in a cost effective manner, enabling you to avoid the cost of manufacturing or purchasing a new device.

Some of the issues solved by this program are:

  • Non-sterile Repackaging of open but unused product
  • Re-boxing of sterile packaged product in which the sterile barrier is still intact
  • Re-cleaning, repackaging, and re-sterilizing product with a sterile barrier breach
  • Overlabeling of product due to a validation change, such as an extension of shelf life
  • Overlabeling or Re-boxing of product do to a marketing/branding change