International Order Fulfillment brings forth new elements to the table such as export papers and customs declarations. On-time delivery is also a key component of the International Order Fulfillment process. Ensuring the order is accurate, shipped with proper packaging and labeling, and arrives to its destination undamaged is equally important.

International Order Fulfillment Common Guidelines

  • Maintaining accurate export information for each product (production values, appropriate descriptions, etc.).
  • Commercial invoice generation, country of origin declarations, and other shipping documents (as needed).
  • Prepaying customs and duties where needed (items, rush shipments, etc.).
  • Sporicidal chemicals
  • Following orders through customs clearance, and, if need be, assist when an order is held up during customs clearance
  • If a recipient refuses it, determine whether an order should be returned or destroyed (to save return freight).

International Order Fulfillment Customs Requirements:

  • Entry

    Must first decide where/how goods will be entered.

  • Valuation and Examination

    Legality and tariff on duty value of goods must be determined.

  • Classifications

    Percentage of tax to be charged on goods has to be determined.

  • Liquidation

    Payment of tariff or duties on items must be paid.

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