Most small companies don’t have the resources to conduct all of their business operations entirely in-house, so many choose to outsource certain company functions like warehousing and distribution. Whether you’re looking to distribute medical supplies to clinics across the nation or Sales and Marketing brochures to your sales force or customers, our FDA-certified fulfillment warehouse has over 30,000 square feet of secure storage space for your individual needs. Our warehouse and fulfillment services offer the following benefits:

  • Bulk discounts on packaging, shipping, and supplies
  • Reduced storage and overhead costs
  • An effective streamlined process
  • More time to focus on your business’s core strengths
  • Freedom from physical inventory
  • Flexibility to expand or minimize the size of your business
  • Decreased liability

At FDS, we specialize in supplying our customers with turnkey solutions that can make their lives easier and more productive. Our warehousing and distribution services will accommodate all of your needs and requests.

Lot Traceability

A critical factor for process transparency is tracking of components/products, which is done through assigning of lot numbers. At LSO, lot numbers are assigned as per customer preference and remain the unique identifier through inventory, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Once the product is assembled and assigned its own identifier, component lot numbers are recorded in the product DHR (device history record), allowing for continued tracking ability. A complete product trail, including lot numbers and DHRs are maintained in our advanced ERP system. This unique software allows our staff to fulfill our promise of absolute traceability.

One of the many benefits of a well controlled quality process such as LSO’s is the ability to be notified of approaching expiration dates of components/products. This forewarning gives clients the opportunity to choose whether to scrap the materials or have them reworked by us. An additional service we make available is the generation of Inventory reports, which are provided upon demand.