A majority of our clients have been start-ups and emerging companies. Through them we have had the pleasure of working and associating with numerous equity partners and venture capital groups. The table below lists some such companies.

Equity / Funding Group LSO Clients Equity/funding Group Website
A.G. Edwards Capital 1 wellsfargo.com/com/securities
Aberdare Ventures 1 aberdare.com/
Abingworth Management 1 abingworth.com/
ABS Ventures 2 absventures.com/
Accuitive Medical Ventures 2 amvpartners.com/
Advanced Technology Ventures 1 atvcapital.com/
Affinity Ventures 1 affinityventures.com/
Affinity Ventures 1 affinityventures.com/
Alloy Ventures 1 alloyventures.com/
Crosspoint Venture Partners 1 cpvp.com/
Cycad Group 2 cycadvc.com/
De Novo Ventures 2 denovovc.com/
Delphi Ventures 4 delphiventures.com/
Domain Associates 2 domainvc.com/
Forward Ventures 1 forwardventures.com/
Hexagon Investments 1 hexagoninc.com/
InterWest Partners 1 interwest.com/
Kaiser and Permanente Foundations 1 kaiserpermanente.org/
Kearny Venture Partners 2 kearnyvp.com/
Mayfield Fund 1 mayfield.com/
MPM Capital 3 mpmcapital.com/
New Enterprise Associates 4 nea.com/
Novartis Venture Fund 1 venturefund.novartis.com/
Oakwood Medical Partners 1 oakwoodmedical.com/
OrbiMed Advisors LLC 1 orbimed.com/
Pequot Ventures 2 firstmarkcap.com/
Pinnacle Ventures 1 pinnacleven.com/
Sears Capital Management, Inc. 1 searscapital.net/
SightLine Partners, 1 sightlinepartners.com/
SV Life Sciences 2 svlsa.com/
The Carlyle Group 2 carlyle.com/
U.S. Venture Partners 1 usvp.com/
Versant Ventures 1 versantventures.com/
Western Technology Investment 1 westerntech.com/