Tooling and Fixture Design

At LSO we have developed a specialty in tooling and fixture design, due to the sheer variety of complex product assemblies that we have had to handle. Not only does this expertise help our clients save money, but in many cases it enables customers to bring products to market that might otherwise be cost prohibitive, or not manufacturable, using standard manufacturing methods.

Our process begins with our experienced team of engineers evaluating the client’s products and manufacturing processes. We then work closely with our client’s product design engineers to determine the most efficient and effective tooling and fixture solutions. Next LSO’s engineers begin work with our qualified vendors to develop the tooling and fixtures, while ensuring that they meet the exact drawing specifications. Finally all tooling and fixtures are validated to the most rigorous standards to ensure that no issues arise once production begins.

From sealing tools to multipurpose manufacturing and assembly fixtures, LSO will help you to identify and create the best tooling and fixture solutions to streamline you manufacturing process, save you money, and bring the highest quality products to market.