What does MDM stand for?

MDM stands for Medical Device Manufacturing, which is one of the divisions of Life Science Outsourcing, Inc. (LSO).

What type of Engineering Services can you provide?

Engineering Services at MDM encompass:

  • Process Development and Validation
  • Process Optimization & Efficiency
  • Documentation Support
  • Product/Package Design Assistance
  • Clinical Trial Builds
  • Packaging Design & Development

What is the range of manufacturing services that MDM provides?

A summary of MDM services are provided below:

  • Precision Assembly & Testing
  • Catheter Assembly
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Combination Products
  • Process Development
  • Facility Utilization Option

For greater detail visit the Services page.

What about longer production runs/mass production?

MDM works with all sizes and levels of organizations and does not require a firm forecast to build product. We have the flexibility and capacity to build quantities as low as clinical builds to as high as mass production.

What are your minimum order quantities?

While we do not have a “minimum order” policy, we do look for feasibility of production.

Do you supply raw materials/components?

MDM purchases, receives, inspects and warehouses components for many of their customers. Over the years we have built a very robust and reliable supply chain network that we use to source products.

I don't have any place to store my products; can you inventory them and ship them to me when needed?

At MDM we have ample dedicated warehouse space for your finished goods and components. Products can be shipped to you as and when needed, based on your convenience.

Do you provide the label or label design?

If you require we can create custom labels for you.

What are your lead times?

The lead times are directly associated with the scope of the project and falls into the “Critical Path” objectives. This is another way of saying – lead times depend on many factors such as product complexity, logistics, resource requirements and the likes.

Can you produce products internationally?

LSO/MDM does not have a manufacturing operation outside the US, with the exception of our partner facility in Tijuana, Mexico. For more information, visit our Offshore Manufacturing website.

What is the capacity of your Cleanrooms?

Each company is granted the necessary square footage and tables necessary to develop and build their products. All Cleanrooms are CEPA certified and allow clients to closely observe and participate in product assembly.

1. Class 100 Room (ISO Class 5) – 180 sq ft
2. Class 1,000 (ISO Class 6) – 500 sq ft
3. Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) – 10,000 sq ft

What support services can MDM provide?

Through our six divisions, LSO strives to provide customers with a complete solution to their product development requirements. Service divisions include,

  1. Medical Device Manufacturing (MDM)
  2. Medical Package Testing (MPT)
  3. Sterilization Validation Services (SVS)
  4. Fulfillment & Distribution Services (FDS)
  5. Offshore Manufacturing
  6. LSO Incubator Services (LSOIS)

How can I stay updated on LSO services, events and news?

In addition to the company Website, LSO and industry news is regularly updated on to our Facebook page and Twitter account. You can also follow us on the Company Blog where we delve deeper into industry events and trends. Finally you can find us on YouTube through our corporate channel. In the near future we also hope to bring to you an industry newsletter.

What markets does LSO primarily serve?

LSO has been in business for fourteen years and has served approximately 250 companies. There are several clinical spaces and market segments that we have served. Please see the list below for a broad list:

  1. Orthopedic
  2. Cardiac Rhythm Systems
  3. Cardiovascular
  4. Neurovascular
  5. Respiratory
  6. Gastrointestinal
  7. Dental Implants
  8. Minimally Invasive Devices
  9. Specialty Kits
  10. Oncology