In vitro diagnostic tests are performed by assessing a sample in a test tube, stemming from the phrase In Vitro in Latin which mean in glass. Modern In vitro diagnostic equipment includes numerous highly specialized chemical or biological reagents and analytical instruments, including equipment that automates the process of combining the sample and reagent.

Critical aspects of In vitro diagnostic manufacturing are:

  • Filling and Capping Equipment
  • Kitting of disposable items used in the collection process samples
  • Package Development, Assembly and Distribution of the associated diagnostic equipment.

LSO has developed a unique expertise in all aspects of Invitro Diagnostic Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution. We have become highly skilled and efficient at the filling and capping processes, assembly, labeling and traceability and sterilization of in vitro kits. In addition, we now offer Full Service Supply Chain Services to source your components at cost competitive rates. In addition, LSO offer complex electromechanical assembly of complex in vitro diagnostic equipment.

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