At LSO, we specialize in component inventory management. Over the course of our 15 years handling complex device assembly in which tens to hundreds of components come together to form a single product, we have developed a industry leading system of lot code traceability, cycle counting and overall inventory tracking and control.

It is our ability to track a component lot code from receipt, into inventory, and then into a specific product, along with maintaining the detailed history of each components movement, that truly set us apart.

At LSO, lot numbers are assigned as per customer preference and remain the unique identifier through inventory, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Once the product is assembled and assigned its own identifier, component lot numbers are recorded in the product DHR (device history record), allowing for continued tracking ability. A complete product trail, including lot numbers and DHRs are maintained in our advanced ERP system. This unique software allows our staff to fulfill our promise of absolute traceability.

One of the many benefits of a well controlled component inventory management process such as LSO’s is the ability to be notified of approaching expiration dates of components/products. This forewarning gives clients the opportunity to choose whether to scrap the materials or have them reworked by us. An additional service we make available is the generation of Inventory reports, which are provided upon demand.

LSO provides our clients access to:

  • 30,000 Square Foot Warehouse
  • Secure GMP Warehouse Facility
  • Bar code capabilities
  • Truck friendly access up to 53 foot trailers
  • Cold storage
  • Climate controlled storage