The cleaning of reusable instrumentation and non-sterile implants immediately after use in surgery has a major impact on the ability to re-sterilize those products prior to the next surgery. To ensure the cleaning process is effective, a cleaning validation should be done, and those requirements should be called out in the reusable product’s instructions for use.
LSO provides cleaning validation services and will work with you to determine effective parameters and processes for the cleaning of your reusable product.
We start with our standard protocol, which has been audited by our clients and the FDA. We customize our cleaning validation protocol to meet the unique needs of your instrumentation and/or implants. We help you identify your worse case products, and then we process and test your products, both utilizing our in house laboratory and our partner lab.
In conjunction with our Steam Sterilization Cycle Validation services, you end up with a robust, effective, and compliant cleaning process that will ensure hospitals and surgery centers can easily clean and sterilize your product between surgeries.