Life Science Outsourcing, Inc. commits to providing our customers with the ongoing support needed to impact their clinical environment and commercial marketplace. We fulfill our promise through rapid turnaround times, consistent quality and an extensive portfolio of services. LSO strives to meet all of the customer’s corporate objectives by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. To accomplish this we have built the following capabilities:

  • Six divisions and numerous certifications.
  • A proprietary quality system that ensures FDA compliancy and full traceability.
  • Wide-ranging solutions from Product Assembly to Cleaning and Decontamination of reusable products and finally to Fulfillment and Distribution of customer finished goods.
  • Quality and Productivity enhancing methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing techniques, Just-In-Time Manufacturing and Employee Incentive programs.

We operate this business on the premise of honesty and integrity and will continue to provide clients with a meaningful customer experience. Our staff will do their best to properly address all your questions and concerns. At LSO, our ongoing commitment is not just to build your product but to help you reach your business goals. After all Your Success (is) Our Objective.