Sterilization Validation Services (SVS), a division of Life Science Outsourcing, Inc., is responsible for the sterilization and validation of single use and reusable products and related documentation. SVS promises to assist you in your choice and evaluation of the ideal sterilization methodology best suited to your product. We will write the appropriate validation protocol and submit it for your approval. Once approved, SVS can handle all required testing and sterilization activities and will provide a complete final report.

At SVS we pride ourselves on our client service orientation and our ability to adapt practies to meet client’s specific needs. We exist to provide you with the optimal solution for your sterilization needs and to guide you through the myriad of regulations and processes involved. We offer all leading sterilization methods such as Gamma, E-beam, EtO, Steam and Dry Heat methods. The company is also equipped to handle all future annual re-validations or quarterly dose audits.

In addition to sterilization processing, we can package the product in heat-sealed pouches prior to sterilization and/or place the sterile product in unit cartons or master shippers, label the product, etc., so that the product is ready to distribute when it arrives at your facility.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients grow and become industry experts. To this end, we have designed this website to provide substantial information on Sterilization Validation Services. Our dedicated staff is always available to discuss any issues or questions you may have.

We ask that you take advantage of our staff and their expertise for a more efficient and superior customer experience. Backed by a stringent Quality Assurance system, SVS is your sterilization service of choice for superior quality performance, validation and supporting services.