Medical Device Assembly, Packaging, and Sterilization

Life Science Outsourcing (LSO) is a performance-driven Contract Manufacturing Organization. Our unique model leverages in house end-to-end solutions and service offerings, coupled with deep regulatory knowledge. This allows us to provide the agility and flexibility you need to accelerate go to market launches, while streamlining supply chain and mitigating risk.

LSO core services include: medical device assembly, packaging, medical package testing, sterilization, reagent packaging & design, thermoforming, and resorbables.

LSO medical device assembly
Medical Device Assembly
Innovative assembly, packaging and sterilization. Bringing powerful innovations to life with state-of-the-art medical device manufacturing equipment and assembly expertise that deliver commercially ready devices with unparalleled speed to market.
LSO medical device assembly
LSO Medical Package Testing
Medical Package Testing
Packaging design, validation and testing. Delivering superior packaging validation, testing, and design that minimizes costs while ensuring all regulatory requirements are satisfied.
LSO Medical Package Testing
LSO Sterilization and Validation Services
Sterilization & Validation
Contract sterilization and validation services for single use and reusable devices. Providing tailored contract sterilization services for single-use and reusable products that meet all regulations and reporting requirements.
LSO Sterilization and Validation Services
LSO Cleaning and Decontamination
Cleaning & Decontamination
Delivering cleaning and decontamination solutions for reusable medical devices to eliminate bio-hazardous material, meet safety requirements, and ensure necessary certifications.
LSO Cleaning and Decontamination
LSO Fulfillment and Distribution
Fulfillment & Distribution
Ensuring timely and cost-effective logistics and supply chain management services, from warehousing and inventory to packaging and delivery.
LSO Fulfillment and Distribution
LSO Medical Device Assembly Quality Supervisor meticulously reviewing documentation in a pristine cleanroom to ensure optimal production standards.
Quality Incubator Support
Helping startups and innovators satisfy investor expectations through innovative medical products and accelerated growth.
LSO Medical Device Assembly Quality Supervisor meticulously reviewing documentation in a pristine cleanroom to ensure optimal production standards.

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Our Pre-validated Packaging Solutions can slice almost a year off your project timeline and save hundreds of thousands in costs by eliminating the need for design, production, and validation processes, accelerating your project by up to 11.5 months.

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Life Science Outsourcing prides itself on our role as partners in bringing medical innovations to life. That partnership forms the foundation of what sets us apart.

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Life Science Outsourcing is an FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified full service Medical Device Contract Manufacturer.
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