Sterilization Validation Services are a part of our complete turnkey solution for customers. From initial assessments of product resistance to final validation summary reports, our expert team of sterilization scientists are here to navigate the sterilizer validation process with you. We take great pride in our commitment to provide clients with unparalleled responsiveness, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing.
To fulfill this commitment we offer a range of services which comprise of – determining critical issues, writing protocols, executing validations, reviewing results and comparing with published standards, preparing final reports and writing SOPs.

Our range of services can be categorized as follows:

Consultation Services:

Our staff has had abundant experience in guiding clients through the many regulations and procedures relevant to Sterilization and Validation of Medical Devices. We will create a customized action plan with you that would include material-sterilization compatibility, sterilization protocol & process, final validation and any future revalidation activities.

Contract Steam Sterilization

SVS has the rare distinction and advantage of being the “Sole Contract Steam Sterilization provider” on the West Coast. By working with multiple clients our staff has gained much training and experience sterilizing different varieties of products. Whether it is creating a protocol or conducting Revalidations, we possess both the capacity and the skill to perform the task in a time sensitive and effective manner.

Medical Device Sterilization:

At LSO, we will help you determine the most compatible sterilization method for your device and execute the procedure with strict compliance to prescribed regulations and ISO standards.

Medical Device Testing:

To ensure that the sterilization process was effective, we use industry standard products such as Indicator tape and Biological Indicator tests. These methods determine and compare desired and achieved Sterility Assurance Levels.

Medical Device Validation:

In addition to protocol development, at LSO, we also create a final report detailing the procedures and results of the Sterilization process. This report will stand upto the requirements of any 3rd party auditing.