Medical Device Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Engineering Services

Life Science Outsourcing offers comprehensive engineering services as part of its medical device manufacturing solutions.

Engineering Expertise

Our engineering solutions span the product development lifecycle, including process development and validation, process optimization and efficiency, documentation support, product and package design assistance, clinical trial builds, and packaging design and development.

Process Development and Validation

Life Science Outsourcing’s manufacturing and engineering experts act as an extension of your team to identify the critical processes and test methodologies necessary to qualify the associated manufacturing steps. We can write the protocol, perform the required testing, and provide you with a well-documented final report.

Process Development and Validation Services:

  • Assembly process definition and design
  • Test procedure definition and design for process
  • Tooling and fixture design plus fabrication
  • Equipment and process validations (IQ, OQ and PQ)
  • Design of experiment (DOE)
  • Validation protocol development, testing, and reports (IQ, OQ and PQ)
  • Sterile package seal strength characterization

Tooling and Fixture Design

Life Science Outsourcing has spent 25 years developing a specialty in tooling and fixture design. This industry-leading expertise helps reduce costs and creates the possibility to bring products to market that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive or too difficult to manufacture utilizing standard methods.

Our process:

    1. We begin with our experienced team of engineers evaluating the products and manufacturing processes.
    2. Then we work closely with product design engineers to determine the most efficient and effective tooling and fixture solutions.
    3. Next, our engineers coordinate with qualified vendors to develop the tooling and fixtures while ensuring they meet the exact drawing specifications.
    4. Finally, all tooling and fixtures are validated to the most rigorous standards to verify no issues will arise once production begins.


From sealing tools to multipurpose manufacturing and assembly fixtures, our team is committed to helping you identify and create the best tooling and fixture solutions to streamline your manufacturing process, save on costs, and bring the highest quality products to market.

Process Optimization & Efficiency

Life Science Outsourcing’s engineering team works to create and maintain high levels of process repeatability and process capability (CpK). Optimizing the process such that output values fall well within the prescribed specification range ensures an effective product and process, which in turn leads to reduced costs in terms of waste (scrap and labor), reduced cycle times, and higher yields of qualified products.

Documentation Support

Developing manufacturing documentation and a quality system that is compliant, efficient, and easy to maintain as you grow can be a burdensome effort which, if done improperly, can lead to significant consequences and challenges.

Partnering with the Life Science Outsourcing team provides access to manufacturing documentation and a quality system that has been audited by the FDA and is reviewed and audited over 50 times a year by our customers.

Because we are building from this extensively audited quality system, the manufacturing documentation that we develop is efficient and easy to use while exceeding industry and regulatory standards. Our quality and process engineers can build customized manufacturing documentation that meets your specific needs and allows your company to tap into existing documentation and processes.

Manufacturing Documentation Services:

  • Development of customized documentation
  • Process development
  • Implementation and adoption into practice
  • Training of personnel – including ISO 13485, FDA QSR (GMPs), corrective actions
  • Continuous improvement/gap assessments – including ISO 13485, FDA QSR (GMPs)

Front-end Design Assistance

Life Science Outsourcing’s product and package design and engineering support services provide guidance on design, details, and development. This includes comprehensive consultation services.

  • Design for manufacturability analysis
  • Consult on parts design
  • Consult on material selection
  • Sterile package design
  • Shelf and shipping box design and configuration

Shelf and Shipping Box Design and Configuration

Through our extensive work with startups, Life Science Outsourcing’s engineering teams have regularly manufactured products for customers’ clinical trials. For clinical trial production, our experts provide label designing, tooling and fixture designing, risk analysis, failure mode effect analysis (FMEA), product inspections, and process validations.

Through our comprehensive suite of solutions, Life Science Outsourcing coordinates support services such as sterilization validations and package testing and validations. In addition, our engineers can assist you in defining and developing assembly processes, writing product and packaging specifications, and creating validation protocols and reports.

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