Cleaning & Decontamination Services

Cleaning and decontamination services for used medical instruments and equipment require specific certifications and compliance to reduce risk of exposure to bio-hazardous materials. Life Science Outsourcing offers comprehensive and hard-to-find services that help streamline the decontamination process and reduce costs.

We specialize in meeting clients’ specific needs, including specific testing, validation studies, and high-level disinfection studies, as well as shipping and distribution solutions.

We provide sterilization services that are hard-to-find on the West Coast such as ethylene oxide (EtO). EtO is an effective sterilization process that does not damage the device during the sterilization process. LSO is one of the few regulated services companies to offer EtO. Validation studies are also available, as are high-level disinfection studies.


From level-one cleaning to full sterilization services, our cleaning and decontamination solutions work for each level of the reusable medical device sterilization process.

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Loaner Kit Processing

From full inspection, cleaning, and kitting to warehousing and distribution, our loaner kit processing services help clients maximize ROI and achieve faster turnaround times.

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Quality Inspection

From inspection checklists and updates to industry benchmarking and inspector training, our loaner kit quality inspection services enhance processes and ensure protections for manufacturers and patients.

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Let’s work together

Life Science Outsourcing prides itself on our role as partners in bringing medical innovations to life. That partnership forms the foundation of what sets us apart.