Packaging & Kitting

Life Science Outsourcing’s packaging and kitting services turn parts and components into customer-ready products.


Packaging & Kitting Expertise

Because Life Science Outsourcing manufacturers many of the items we distribute, packaging and kitting services can reduce fulfillment and shipping costs. Our 53,000 sq. ft., secure, climate controlled, warehouse has the capacity and conditions to support startups and smaller companies move products through the packaging process.

Kitting & Packaging Solutions

Life Science Outsourcing offers a variety of packaging and kitting services:

  • Collating and kitting educational materials
  • Breaking bulk material and kit packing for distribution.
  • Shrink wrapping services.
  • Light assembly
  • Re-labeling projects
  • Cases and foam inserts
  • Thermo form packaging
  • Blister packs
  • Clam shell packaging
  • Heat sealing
  • Corrugated, rigid cardboard, and plastics containers
  • Crating
  • Export packaging

Orthopedic Repackaging Solutions

The orthopedic industry faces consistent challenges around how to deal with products that have been removed from their packaging but have not been sold, damaged product packaging, and device rebranding or revalidation that renders current packaging or labeling obsolete. The labor costs and disruption to normal production often lead orthopedic device manufactures to stockpile or even scrap product while continuing to produce new product at full standard costs.

Life Science Outsourcing offers a wide range of orthopedic repackaging solutions:

  • Non-sterile repackaging of open but unused product
  • Re-boxing of sterile packaged product in which the sterile barrier is still intact
  • Re-cleaning, repackaging, and re-sterilizing product with a sterile barrier breach
  • Over labeling of product due to a validation change, such as an extension of shelf life
  • Over labeling or re-boxing of product to a marketing/branding change

Orthopedic Kitting

Life Science Outsourcing provides kitting services in conjunction with our warehousing and distribution service that range in complexity from building a trauma kit involving over 600 implants and instruments, down to simple ALIF Kits involving 15 components. We tailor our services to your Bill of Material in a cost effective and quality focused manner, while maintaining strict lot traceability and control.

Life Science Outsourcing offers a wide range of orthopedic kitting solutions:

  • Orthopedic, trauma, and spine instrument and implant kit builds
  • Sterile disposable kitting
  • Custom kitting
  • Kit finished good labeling
  • Bulk material break-down and kit packing for distribution
  • Shrink wrapping services
  • Collating and kitting of educational and marketing materials