Thermoforming Solutions: An Integral Part of Our End-to-End Services

At Life Science Outsourcing, we specialize in offering cutting-edge thermoforming services as part of our comprehensive manufacturing solutions for the medical device industry. We understand the critical role thermoforming plays in medical device manufacturing, and we’re proud to offer this essential service as part of our wide range of capabilities.

Why Choose LSO?

LSO offers thermoforming as part of our end-to-end solutions, we streamline the process for our clients. Our integrated approach means you only deal with a single supplier for supply, manufacturing, packaging, and sealing, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced efficiency throughout the production process.

Our Capabilities

High-Speed Thermoforming

LSO is equipped with in-line, high-speed roll-fed thermoforming and die-cutting capabilities. We run these operations in Class 8 cleanrooms to guarantee a contamination-free environment, with multiple machines always at your service.

Offline Thermoforming

We also cater to low-volume and complex designs with our offline single-sheet thermoforming and die-cutting capabilities. This flexible approach is ideal for customized production and small-batch runs.

Deep Draw Trays, Material Thickness, Width, and Usage

LSO excels at creating deep draw trays, accommodating intricate device designs. We seamlessly manage a wide range of material thicknesses and sheet widths. We also work with diverse materials such as PETG, PVC, and Styrene, while for single-sheet (offline) thermoforming, we broaden our scope to include additional materials like RPET, TPU, and Lexan/Polycarbonate.


In-house Machine Shop

Our in-house machine shop allows us to produce custom tooling, offering unmatched flexibility and speed in manufacturing.

Operation Capacity

We are capable of meeting high demand or tight deadlines.  Often, we can go from drawing to first article in as little as 8 weeks.


We use automated and manual operations to guarantee high precision for all product sizes. Smaller trays can be automated, while larger trays benefit from the accuracy of manual operation.

Design Assistance

We have a team of highly skilled engineers ready to contribute our expertise and assist with design optimization during product development.

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