Medical Package Testing Services

MPT can cater to customer’s packaging needs from designing of custom packaging to testing package durability and effectiveness and preparing regulatory prescribed documentation for validation.


  • Protocol Development for complete validations or specific testing requirements
  • Stability Testing / Accelerated Aging
  • Transportation / Distribution Simulation
  • Package Integrity Testing
    • Bubble Emission Leak Test per ASTM F2096
    • Peel Test per ASTM F88
    • Burst Test per ASTM F1140
    • Dye Penetration Test per ASTM F1929
    • Visual Inspection per ASTM F1886
  • Package Validation and Quality Assurance
  • Packaging Design and Qualification
    • Sterile Packaging
    • Modified Atmosphere and Atmospheric Barrier Packaging
    • Thermoformed Trays & Lids
    • Die-Cut Plastic Backer Cards
    • Folding Cartons & Corrugated Shipping Containers
    • Complete Package Systems