F1 at COTA: A High-Speed Team-Building Experience for Our Senior Leadership Team

F1 Free Practice at COTA: A High-Speed Team-Building Experience for Our Senior Leadership Team

As Life Science Outsourcing grows and evolves, it becomes increasingly important for the senior leadership team to maintain strong relationships and open lines of communication. In October of 2022, while attending the MPO Summit in Austin, Texas, our CEO, John Nino, along with our CFO, George Sarkissian and Head of Marketing, Ruben Osuna, took a unique approach to team-building by attending the F1 Free Practice at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA). It was an event that not only showcased the adrenaline-pumping world of Formula 1 racing but also served as a bonding experience for our leadership team.

A Thrilling Backdrop for Building Stronger Relationships

The Circuit of the Americas, home to the United States Grand Prix, is a world-class motorsports facility that offers the perfect setting for a team-building event. The excitement of high-speed racing, coupled with the intricate strategy and teamwork required to achieve success in Formula 1, served as a powerful metaphor for the importance of collaboration and communication among our senior leadership team.

As John, George and Ruben cheered on their favorite drivers and teams, they also took the time to discuss their individual roles, shared goals, and the company’s future direction. The thrilling backdrop of the F1 Free Practice allowed them to engage in open and honest conversations, fostering trust and rapport that can be difficult to achieve in more formal settings.

The Importance of Taking Time Out for Team-Building

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s easy to overlook the significance of taking time out for team-building events, especially for senior leadership teams. However, as demonstrated by John, George and Ruben at the F1 practice, these events can play a vital role in strengthening working relationships and improving overall team dynamics.

By stepping away from the office and immersing themselves in a different environment, our senior leaders were able to gain fresh perspectives and insights that can translate into more effective decision-making and problem-solving. Moreover, participating in a shared experience outside of the workplace can help to break down barriers and foster camaraderie, which can lead to increased collaboration and productivity.

A Lasting Impact on Our Organization

The team-building experience at the F1 Free Practice in COTA has had a lasting impact on our senior leadership team. By investing in their relationships, the team has demonstrated its commitment to working together and leading our organization to new heights.

This event has also set a powerful example for the rest of our company, emphasizing the importance of building strong working relationships and fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork. We are confident that the bonds formed during this exciting event will continue to strengthen our organization and drive our success in the future.

Experiencing F1 at the Circuit of the Americas proved to be an unforgettable team-building experience for our senior leadership team. The event highlighted the importance of taking time to build stronger relationships and foster collaboration, which can ultimately lead to improved performance and success for the entire organization.


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