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Life Science Outsourcing offers steam sterilization.
Sterilization & Validation

Steam Sterilization for Medical Devices: How it Works, ISO 17665, and Comparison to Other Methods

Steam sterilization is a popular medical device sterilization method that many manufacturers use to successfully prepare their devices for market and meet industry regulation standards. But is it right for your device? Learn how it works, the ISO industry standards, which devices are ideal for this sterilization method, and how it compares to other sterilization options available on the market today.
3M Steri-Vac chamber processing a small batch of EtO at Life Science Outsourcing.
Sterilization & Validation

The Strategic Advantages of Localized Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Services for Medical Devices

Medical device companies: Have you experienced sterilization setbacks resulting from stricter EtO regulations and need a local provider? These regulations have increased turnaround times for products to be sterilized via EtO in recent years, causing various delays and loss of revenue for companies just like yours. Fortunately, there IS a solution to address these challenges! Read our new blog to learn more.
3M Steri-Vac chamber processing a small batch of EtO at Life Science Outsourcing.
Sterilization & Validation

3 Important Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Questions: What Medical Device Companies Need to Know

Medical device companies looking for a contract ethylene oxide sterilization partner must be aware of the latest regulations surrounding EtO impact to the environment, technicians and end users. Yet these three critical questions are often missed. Find out what they are in our new blog..
Sterilization & Validation

6 Methods for Medical Device Sterilization: How They Work and Which Devices are Ideal

The article provides an overview of six common methods used for sterilizing medical devices: wet/steam sterilization, dry heat sterilization, ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization, sporicidal chemicals, glass plasma sterilization, and gamma/e-beam sterilization. It highlights the ideal devices for each method and emphasizes the importance of choosing the right sterilization method for each device.
Sterilization & Validation

Which Materials and Medical Devices Are Best For Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Sterilization?

This article provides an overview of the suitability of materials and medical devices for ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization. EtO is considered an effective method for sterilizing gas-compatible devices, including both disposable and reusable medical devices. The article highlights the advantages of EtO sterilization, such as its ability to sterilize heat and moisture-sensitive devices and penetrate interior chambers or surfaces in contact with each other.
Sara Adachi in the Life Science Outsourcing cleanroom holding an orthopedic implant
Sterilization & Validation

Med Device Industry Trends: EtO Regulations, Sterilization Demand and Packaging Efficiencies

What’s trending in the medical device sterilization and packaging industry? Read the answers right here, including EtO regulations, packaging efficiencies and more.
Sterilization & Validation

Medical Device Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Environmental and Technician Safety

Ethylene oxide sterilization (EtO) has been a reliable medical device sterilization practice for many years. How does it impact the environment and technicians?
Sterilization & Validation

The Right Challenge Device for Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization Validation

Ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization for gas-compatible medical devices is a much sought-after process for terminal sterilization and sterilization of reusable devices. For some devices, it is the only sterilization method that is effective and will not damage the device. But how is it tested and validated? Biological indicators along with external process challenge devices are a key part of the process.

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