Our Mission

Our mission is, to be the Gold Standard provider of outsourcing services within the Life Science industry.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Providing exceptional value, uncompromising quality and incomparable service to our customers.

  • Continuously evaluating our customer’s needs and creating new or enhanced services to our customers.

  • Creating solid and enduring relationships with our customers through our continuous commitment to meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Our Values

At LSO we hold strongly to our core values in order to accomplish our mission.

Our values are:

  • Passion for Excellence

  • Exceed Customer Expectations

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Respect for Co-workers

  • Do the Right Thing

Why Choose Us

Life Science Outsourcing, Inc. (LSO) was founded by our President & CEO in July of 1997 with the sole purpose of providing contract manufacturing services to entrepreneurial start up medical device companies. Initially we started with our core competency of Medical Device Manufacturing, and since then we have built multiple capabilities, added new services and expanded our operations. To further align ourselves to our customer needs, we have created internal divisions for each category of our services. Over the years we have evolved to become a specialized provider of “regulated services” to a highly regulated medical device industry.

Why We Exist

In 1997 we saw the potential of Medical Device Contract Manufacturing. There was a gap in meeting the specific needs of startup medical device companies and we were poised to fill it.

The concept of a one-stop shop for “regulated services” would greatly enhance value for our target market, but was / is rarely ever truly implemented. This is why we built our specialized capabilities – to provide customers with comprehensive turnkey solutions.

Who We Serve

LSO was designed to cater primarily to start-ups and mid-sized companies. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with over 800 start-ups and numerous other companies of varying sizes. Many were acquired by large corporations and some grew to be successful businesses in their own right. Every LSO client has equal access to our resources, services and staff. In short we are built to be your company away from your company.

What We Do

LSO is a contract manufacturer of medical devices with in-built capabilities to offer clients full service solutions through our six divisions. As a conscious strategy we have chosen to operate only within regulated markets and services, meaning that all our services adhere to industry standards and require certification. Clients can rely on us to perform all activities required to introduce their products to market, from sourcing to drop shipping. Learn more about LSO divisions and services through our division websites or through our Capabilities page.

At LSO, we believe that business is based upon long-term relationships and quality work, not short-term profits. We work hard to insure the continuing success of our customers,
because… Your Success. Our Objective.

Customer Service

Our Business Philosophy

Our success as a business is dependent upon the development of solid and enduring relationships with our customers. Such relationships are the direct result of our ability to continuously meet and exceed our customer’s expectations

This interaction has dual benefits

It provides a smooth transfer of information and critical requirements It allows your staff to personally verify that LSO is performing all operations correctly. This teamwork approach builds confidence and assures the continuing success of both LSO and it’s customers.

Team Work

We act as an external extension of your company by providing the specific services necessary to meet your unique needs. Your staff is welcome and encouraged to participate directly in all aspects of your project, from process development to employee training.

Customer Services

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Communication is an important aspect of meeting that goal. Our sales staff and our customer service department work together to make sure that your requirements are known and consistently fulfilled.

We are here to help

If you’re ready to begin your project or if you need more information; send us an email or give us a call at (714) 672-1090.
We have a highly knowledgeable team ready to assist you and answer all of your questions.