For an OEM, Loaner Kit Processing is an unavoidable and burdensome activity, which diverts critical resources away from core processes. By outsourcing the process to SVS (Sterilization Validation Services), manufacturers are guaranteed consistent quality and considerable cost savings on labor, processing, inventory, distribution and time. At SVS, we offer full inspection, cleaning, kitting, warehousing and distribution of loaner kits for clients looking to maximize ROI and attain faster turnaround times. In addition to Kit Processing, LSO is also equipped and capable of handling Loaner program management for clients.
Kits are cleaned and inspected against current versions of product drawings provided by the OEM. Approved kits are then replenished, reboxed, relabeled, warehoused and distributed the next day, thus maximizing the number of surgeries for devices. Recycling of these instruments doesn’t just reduce investment in inventory and duplicative expenditures, but also enhances the efficiency of sales professionals and the sales process. Loaner Kit Processing at SVS would include:

  • Inventory control and maintenance
  • Controlled storage conditions
  • Loaner program management and loaner kit expediting
  • Repackaging opened but unused medical devices
  • Reprocessing orthopaedic devices intended for single use
  • Proprietary Quality System
  • Trained processing personnel

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Block loaner kit

The SVS Solution

We want the client to be secure and comfortable in their partnership with us. Hence we provide customers with multiple service options depending upon the degree of involvement they wish to have in the process.

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Block cleaning

Cleaning & Decontamination

Decontamination is the process of cleaning and disinfecting used medical devices so that they may be reused or tested by engineers.
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Quality Inspection

At LSO we pride ourselves on our loaner kit inspection and returns inspection capabilities. Utilizing protocols developed by industry veterans with a long history in returns and loaner operations
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Packaging & Kitting

Using our Fulfillment & Distribution Services division, we are fully suited to perform from the most basic collating tasks to full product preparation.
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Block shipping


Through Fulfillment & Distribution Services division our distribute finished goods to either the client or their customers. We are certified to offer both domestic and international shipping.
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