Loaner kit inspection and returns inspection are unique processes requiring specially trained personnel and protocols developed by people with a history of handling and reviewing re-usable products. Unlike incoming new product inspection, where measurements and tolerances are defined, loaner kit inspection and returns inspection are almost completely subjective. Having the ability to know when an instrument has been worn beyond its useful life requires a deep understanding of what types of chips, dents, and scratches are acceptable and which could cause great harm in surgery. Being able to know whether an implant was wrongfully used in the surgical field and placed back into a loaner kit simply by looking at it takes a tremendous amount of training and development.

At LSO we pride ourselves on our loaner kit inspection and returns inspection capabilities. Utilizing protocols developed by industry veterans with a long history in returns and loaner operations and a team of highly trained inspectors, LSO is able to not only replicate your internal loaner kit inspection and returns inspection processes, but improve upon them, thus, protecting your company and your patients.

Key Aspects:

  • Inspection checklists customized to your product’s needs
  • Ongoing checklist updates to ensure wear issues, identified over time, are incorporated
  • Product type, industry, and cross vertical bench marking
  • Continuous inspector training and education
  • Processes built by veteran industry experts

Additional LSO Orthopedic Services:

  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Orthopedic Kitting
  • Loaner Kit Processing
  • Decontamination & Returns Processing
  • Repackaging