Mixing, Filling and Packaging Biopharmaceuticals and Combination Devices

Bio-Pharmaceutical manufacturing of the new medical technologies emerging today can be hybrid technologies that do not fit the classic models of a drug or a device and may actually be a combination of the two. These new products require specialized manufacturing facilities, experienced staff and regulatory expertise. Finding a contract service company that understands the requirements for these types of products has been difficult at best, until now.
Bio-Pharm Manufacturing provides certified class 100 and/or class 10,000 environments for the processing and packaging of biomedical, biological and pharmaceutical products. Our focus is on quality, not quantity.
LSO services are custom designed around each company and product. LSO can perform:

  • Aseptic transfer
  • Terminal sterilization
  • Custom package design and validation
  • Controlled storage capabilities

Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.