Quality Incubator Services

We are a Medical Device Incubator Services division of LSO, Inc. a premier outsourcing solution for the Medical Device, Biomedical and Diagnostic industries. We offer tailored services to meet the specific needs of individual customer such as, Regulatory Consulting and Facility Utilization Options make us unique and a desirable partner for entrepreneurs.

Innovative medical device technologies continue to be developed by startup companies and financed by venture capitals, equity partners or angel investors. Upon successful execution of the business plan, the investors seek a high rate of return (ROI) on their original investment either by acquisition by a multinational device company or Initial Public Offering (IPO). In the past decade changes in the financial markets and economic climate have forced change in the financing process, thus opening opportunities to alternative means of developing and introducing state of the art products to the Medical Device Marketplace.

Many of the venture capital firms have slowly shifted their investment focus to different types of projects with a potential for greater and quicker market acceptance, and historic ROI’s. This shift has reduced the chances for funding Medical Devices that will be acquired by the multinational companies. Many of the startup device companies realize that they have to demonstrate operational acumen and organically grow the business.

Currently, many Multinational companies who have paid exorbitant monies for the IP and unique product offerings in the past are not willing to pay the earnings multiples demanded by venture firms. There is also more of a trend for the larger companies to invest seed monies directly with a number of medical device innovators, to increase their chances of choosing the right “horse” when they exhibit operational success in meeting milestones and impacting the clinical arena.

LSO’s Quality Incubator services are specifically designed to meet these challenges.

Quality Incubator Services

Individualized Services

In addition to our standard services, QIS offers solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Services such as Regulatory Consulting and Facility Utilization Options make us unique and a desirable partner for entrepreneurs.

Quality Incubator Services

Our Approach

Unlike other medical device incubators, at QIS we do not ask for equity in the incubator company, making us unique in our field. Companies can confidently outsource all or some of the engineering, supply chain management, clinical builds, warehousing, product manufacturing, sterilization, testing, validations and final distribution of devices to us.

LSO Facility

Divisional Support

LSO’s five other service divisions can provide the turnkey services that will enable you to focus on your business objectives. We not only can develop your package design, order all your materials, build your product and perform both sterilization and packaging validations. We can offer total Divisional Support.