3 Benefits to Conducting Sterilization with a Turnkey Manufacturing Partner

Sterilization is just one part of the broader manufacturing process of bringing innovative medical devices to patients and providers. But it is a critical part – and one that manufacturers cannot afford to overlook. In our latest blog post, we examine how working with a turnkey manufacturing partner can ensure sterilization efforts fit into a more strategic plan for bringing a new product to market

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4 Keys to Effective Medical Device Sterilization

: Each year, about 1 in 25 U.S. hospital patients is diagnosed with at least one infection related to hospital care alone, according to the CDC. These risks underscore why the importance of effective medical device sterilization go beyond regulatory compliance.

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Medical Device Steam Sterilization and the Impact of ISO 17665

Is steam sterilization right for your medical devices? Learn about the process, including ISO 17665 standards, to make the best decision for your products.

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3 Ways Outsourcing Loaner Kit Processing Benefits Manufacturers

How can outsourcing loaner kit processing improve your business? Read 3 ways outsourcing can benefit manufacturers.

What Does the Medical Device Sterilization Validation Process Include?

Medical device sterilization validation and documentation processes can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! Find your answers here.

7 Industry Recommended Best Practices for Medical Device Sterilization: Infographic

It is ideal to understand industry best practices when preparing to sterilize your medical devices through an outside resource. There are seven industry best practices in this process which you can use to set expectations [...]

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The Right Process for Reusable Medical Device Decontamination

Pus. Blood. Dirt. Foreign particles. All these and more may be left behind on a medical device after medical procedures are complete. Definitely not what a healthcare professional wants to reuse, and most certainly not what a patient wants used on them!

7 Recommendations for Sterilization Validation Integrity

Medical devices must be sterilized and prepared before use. There are several best practice and integrity recommendations to consider when your devices require sterilization, including cleaning and packaging.

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