Life Science Outsourcing has in-depth expertise selecting and executing sterilization services in strict compliance with regulations and ISO standards.

Sterilization Expertise

Sterilization not only kills disease-causing microorganisms, but also eliminates transmissible agents such as spores and bacteria. It achieves this using sterilants such as radiation, chemicals, heat, etc.

Sterilization Methods

Sterilization methods remove or destroy all forms of microbial life including bacterial spores by either physical or chemical processes.

Sterilization is accomplished principally by steam under pressure, dry heat, or chemical sterilants. The choice of the method for sterilization depends on a number of factors including the type of material of the object to be sterilized, the number and type of microorganisms involved, the classification of the item, and the availability of sterilization methods.

Important Sterilization Notes:

  • Boiling and flaming are not effective sterilization techniques because they do not effectively kill all microorganisms.
  • Large health care facilities should have more than one type of sterilization system in case of power outage, equipment failure, or shortage of supplies