25 Years and Counting: Life Science Outsourcing Builds Lasting Legacy to Benefit Medical Device Partners


Life Science Outsourcing, Inc. (LSO) is a specialized provider of regulated services and expertise focused on helping medical device innovators start-up, speed up, and scale up. Their elevated turnkey solutions accelerate product time to market and reduce costs for clients by serving as a one-stop-shop resource for contract manufacturing and multiple related services.

A buyer/planner in the cardiovascular space raves about the experience of partnering with LSO: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with all the people at LSO! They provide great service, quality, and flexibility and are fully capable of keeping up with our demanding fast-paced environment. Thanks for all you do and for helping us save lives every day!”

LSO: It all began in 1997

Life Science Outsourcing was established back in 1997 by founder Barry Kazemi. A small business born of a singular vision to provide solutions to medical device companies, Kazemi knew he could expand and grow to become a dominant outsourcing resource for everything from medical device contract manufacturing to sterilization and package testing.

Originally called Medical Device Manufacturing and Ventures, Inc., early Life Science Outsourcing made catheters, implantable devices, and electro-medical and fiber-optic instruments for medical device companies, which then sold them under their own brand. They added sterilization and assembly work to expand their offerings and attract big medical device makers.

By 2001 the original Medical Device Manufacturing and Ventures, Inc. was renamed Life Science Outsourcing, Inc., and by 2004 they had experienced so much business success, employee growth, and accelerated future growth plans that they needed a larger building. They moved to the new Brea, California headquarters with nearly 53,000 square feet, which was ideal for the rapidly growing company to build an expansive state-of-the-art space and house specialized equipment.

The client roster included medical device heavyweights such as Baxter International, Inc., Stryker Corp., and Boston Scientific Corp.

Now in 2022, it is clear the company is ready for its next physical expansion as well as services and capabilities, including expedited services to support high-profile and time-sensitive projects, thanks to prodigious growth in:

  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Medical package testing
  • Sterilization and validation
  • Cleaning and decontamination
  • Fulfillment and distribution
  • Quality incubator support

Today’s leadership and new heights

Recent years have continued the growth trajectory for LSO, which partnered with PPC Enterprises LLC (“PPC”) in 2021, a leading private equity firm focused on investing in service businesses in North America, to concentrate on expanding LSO’s services and geographic reach. Shortly after came the addition of industry expert John Nino as CEO. John has over 20 years of experience in the medical device space and over 30 years in OEM and contract manufacturing – the ideal leader to continue LSO’s vision into the future.

Such a vision would be incomplete without the strategic plan to be the pivotal service provider for clients and deliver above and beyond expectations. LSO has served over 1,400 medical device companies and even offers quality incubator services, which allow up-and-coming medical device companies access to everything from physical office space to clean rooms and beyond.

Vitalizing the future of medical device innovation

LSO anticipates new expansion and offerings to help clients achieve increased innovation and decisive acceleration to market. In the coming months and years, expect to see:

  • Quality and service expansion
  • Increased strategic company investments to amplify end-to-end solutions
  • Additional physical locations

A leader in the industry poised for domination, LSO has become the go-to provider of reliable outsourced services for medical device companies large and small. Let them help you make your next medical device project a sure success!


Ready to take the next step? Contact LSO by emailing info@lso-inc.com or calling (714) 672-1090.

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