3 Ways Outsourcing Loaner Kit Processing Benefits Manufacturers

Your business growth goals likely have a focus on R&D, operations, sales, and marketing. Yet many surgical instrument manufacturers must build out infrastructure for processing loaner kits in-house. While valuable for the expansion of a medical device company, loaner kit processing is also a complex process with many steps. That can take valuable time and resources away from those organizational growth goals.

You know there are benefits to in-house processing if that has been your standard workflow, but you also know the shortcomings, which include time, investment, training, and personnel. Manufacturers find outsourcing loaner kit processing a great benefit to overcome those in-house processing shortcomings. Outsourcing your loaner kit processing is a valuable option to streamline business efficiency. Just how does it help? Here are three ways.

Outsourced loaner kit processing helps to meet demand

Downtime and transportation can create a backlog in meeting demand. That can create a risk for slowdown and inefficiencies when manufacturers must take on loaner kit processing activities. Inspection and replenishment also take time and training. Turnover time suffers as a result. More surgeries can occur when more loaner kits are in circulation. Yet in-house processing can not only slow that down but also result in unexpected inventory costs by needing to increase kit volume.

Outsourcing your loaner kit processing rather than keeping it in-house can eliminate the backlog and restore efficiency. Not only that, but you’ll find you are now able to meet the demand of your customers.

Outsourcing improves distribution timelines

Distribution requires varying departments to oversee the return of processed loaner kits to healthcare. Instead of driving a labor force dedicated to processing and shipping, you would likely prefer to focus on growing your business with leadership, people, and skills in core competencies.

Some manufacturers rely on their sales team to return processed kits to circulation, which requires valuable time and causes strain to the sales role. Others rely on shipping through conventional means and suffer from overstock. Add to that exorbitant shipping costs, and you’re bound to feel there has got to be a better way to get this all done.

Helps you focus on building your business

Outsourcing loaner kit processing oftentimes enables you to gain the advantage of reduced shipping rates, limits overstock issues, eliminates the need for added inventory and frees up your personnel to do what they do best. The outcome is more time and focus on the growth of your business. Development of new products. Expansion of your brand.

Meanwhile, the processing and distribution of your loaner kits can continue uninterrupted, in a reliable manner, and serve your customers.

Ready to outsource?

Outsourcing your loaner kit processing can begin with the right partner. Life Science Outsourcing has worked with loaner kit processing for many years and with hundreds of customers. Life Science Outsourcing offers all three levels for decontamination, including 1) cleaning, 2) disinfection, and 3) sterilization.

Kits are cleaned and inspected against current versions of product drawings provided by the OEM. Approved kits are then replenished, re-boxed, relabeled, warehoused, and distributed the next day, thus maximizing the number of surgeries for devices.

We’re ready to help you meet demand, improve distribution, increase your efficiency, and grow your business. Call us today to speak with a service representative!


The Life Science Outsourcing team is ready to help you with your project.

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