John Nino

John Nino is the CEO of Life Science Outsourcing Inc and has over 30 years of experience in Manufacturing, Production Operations, Program Management, and Product Development. He has held Executive Leadership, Senior Operations, and Technical Positions with Aerospace, Medical Device, and Automotive OEMs worldwide. He also has extensive US and offshore Contract Manufacturing experience. Mr. […]

George Sarkissian

George Sarkissian oversees and is responsible for the planning, implementation, management, and execution of all finance activities at LSO. George has over 30 years of experience within electronics and medical device manufacturing companies.  Prior to joining LSO, George was the CFO at Hall Research Technologies (HRT).  Before HRT, he served as the controller for Merical, […]

Yiorgos Polizos

Yiorgos is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Life Science Outsourcing (LSO) since January 2023. Prior to joining LSO, Yiorgos has held various leaderships roles across multiple industry segments. His career started in the Cardiovascular sector, where he led a Cardiac Rehab and Non-Invasive Cardiology unit, later expanding into the invasive space with leadership […]

Mireya Lozano

Mireya Lozano is LSO’s Management Representative. She is responsible for directing and managing the Quality Department. Mireya has been in the medical device industry for over 30 years. Prior to joining LSO, Mireya was a Quality Control Inspector and developed a passion for quality rules and requirements. She has worked with medical device start-ups and […]

Rato Tomic

Rato Tomic is responsible for all aspects of manufacturing at LSO, and has deep global operations and supply chain experience spanning the US, Mexico, Asia and Europe. Rato has over 30 years of experience within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to joining LSO, Rato served multiple senior management roles such as Plant Manager, […]

Michael Dizon

Michael Dizon is responsible for providing strategic guidance and leadership for all aspects of LSO’s human resources function. In his role, he has established the vision and direction of LSO’s human capital programs, policies, and services. This includes advising LSO’s CEO, shareholders, and other senior managers on human capital management. Prior to joining LSO, Michael […]

Ruben J. Osuna

Ruben Osuna is responsible for directing and managing LSO’s marketing initiatives and goals through the implementation of emerging technologies and innovative digital strategies. Prior to joining LSO, Ruben spent his career in operations where he discovered the importance of proper marketing and developed a passion for providing meaningful content to customers through story. Ruben is […]

Andrew Gladd

Andrew Gladd manages the onboarding process for all new customers at LSO. He is also responsible for supporting the sales team with new customer requests and existing customer expansions. Andrew began his time at LSO in the Sterilization & Validation division (SVS), where his project experience focused mainly in Steam Sterilization & Ethylene Oxide Sterilization […]

Alan Evans

Alan Evans manages the Medical Package Testing (MPT) division, which is responsible for all accelerated aging, real-time aging, package testing, and distribution simulation testing for customers’ packaging validations. Prior to LSO, Alan spent time at an ISO-13485 medical device company that manufactured IV securement devices, medical device adhesives, and hydrocolloids. During this time, he managed […]