Fulfillment & Distribution Services

Life Science Outsourcing’s Fulfillment & Distribution solutions can take care of the logistics involved with the timely and cost-effective movement of your goods. At every step, we work to reduce complexity and stress in managing supply chain complexity.

We place an unwavering focus on reliability, traceability, and expedience. With Just-in-Time manufacturing and delivery processes, we are steadfast in our resolve to increase convenience and efficiency for our customers.

We offer Same-Day shipping, 24-hour processing for domestic orders, 48-hour processing for international orders, and deliver a host of other benefits:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater focus on core business

Supply Chain Management

From supplier to customer or raw material to finished product, our supply chain services deliver logistics solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Order Processing

From transport and management to inventory management and shipment tracking, our order processing services utilize advanced operation systems and refined processes to protect inventory and ensure efficient processing.

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From supplier comparison and negotiations to fulfillment and renewal, our procurement services ensure your vendors and materials match expectations and budget.

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From lot traceability to stock rotation, our warehouse offers 30,000 square feet of secure storage with climate-controlled space and truck-friendly access.

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Packaging & Kitting

From basic collating tasks to full product preparation, our packaging and kitting services help create customer-ready products.

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Quality Assurance

From ISO and ISTA standards to FDA regulations, our quality assurance services ensure all requirements are being met while providing exceptional service and expedited time to market.

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Shipping & Distribution

From picking and pack to full traceability and reporting, our shipping and distribution services are built to get products to customers on time and within budget.

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Let’s work together

Life Science Outsourcing prides itself on our role as partners in bringing medical innovations to life. That partnership forms the foundation of what sets us apart.